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Want to list your property for sale by owner?

Many property owners are overwhelmed when they decide to sell their property themselves, but Flat Fee MLS is here to help. It takes more than a sign in your yard to see your property fast. We can give you the tools to sell your property quickly and even have realtors bring leads to you. Our packages are designed to give you a chance to test the market, delve deeper into advertising and list your property on the MLS, where realtors will find and show your property to potential buyers.

Beware of Imitators

Our services are meant to benefit the seller. We are giving you direct access to the same tools as a realtor. The world of Flat Fee can be confusing and misleading. Often sites will promise an MLS listing and deliver you to a realtor waiting to collect a percentage of your profit and lead buyers interested in your home to a different listing. gives the seller full control of their listing and their expense. To learn more visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Flat Fee MLS Listings

Our packages are designed to fit your budget and needs. We even provide you with a number of optional upgrades to enhance your listing and your curbside appeal.

FSBO Basic Package

Get your property listed fast and for free. It’s hard to beat that deal. We will share your listing with for six months as well as, Trulia, Zillow & dozens more. This is a good way to test the waters or supplement to a newspaper ad campaign for your home.

FSBO Plus Package

Your property will be distributed on Trulia, Zillow, and 27 additional sites for two months. This means thousands of buyers can find you on all of the major search sites. If a buyer has a realtor, they can share the listing and schedule a tour. What’s not to love, when you can sell your property for $395 and saving thousands.

MLS & FSBO Package

The MLS is the best way to list your property. The listing will still appear on dozens of local and national sites, but can be found by thousands of realtors looking for a buyers dream property. This package also includes all disclosers and state contracts. For $595, you can sell your property  just like a realtor would.


So, where should you start?


If you know you want to sell, do a little research on pricing. This can mean figuring out what you would like to make on your property and what comparable properties have sold for. You can use the internet as a tool to find comparables. Sites. such as Trulia, have comparisons for properties similar to their listings. Find another property for sale in your neighborhood that is similar and check out the listing. Also, consider having an appraiser evaluate your property.


Your property should look it’s best in order to demand the highest price. Be sure to clean out your flower beds and landscaping. An overgrown and untrimmed appearance will always turn a buyer away. This also goes for the inside, clean your property thoroughly. Remove clutter and paint over bright walls. Also, remember to emphasize selling points like the kitchen, fireplace and bathrooms.


With the high traffic internet listings will provide, you need your property to look great online too. You should take clear bright photos, so that potential buyers will appreciate your property’s features. If the photo is bad, don’t use it. You can turn off buyers. We also offer a professional photographer service to provide you with beautiful high quality photos for your listing.


$485 $295 Continue
For Sale By Owner on MLS Package
  • MLS Listing (6 Months)
  • Listed on National Sites -, Trulia, Zillow & dozens more
  • Listed on your local real estate office websites
  • Photo on MLS


$589 $395 Continue
For Sale By Owner on MLS PLUS Package
  • MLS Listing (6 Months)
  • Dynamic Color Flyer
  • Prospect Lead Generation
  • Real Estate For Sale Sign
  • 25 Photos


$689 $595 Continue
Showcase For Sale By Owner Package
  • MLS Listing (6 Months)
  • Dynamic Color Flyer
  • Prospect Lead Generation
  • Real Estate For Sale Sign
  • Showcase Marketing
  • Lock Box
  • Maximum MLS Photos